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Board Co-Chair

Andrew started cycling in 2012, after being invited on a road ride with his new boss.  Immediately following, he found himself a cheap fixie and started riding to work with it; every single day. Not long after, he embarked on the learn-to-ride clinic at the Burnaby Velodrome, training there regularly, and eventually racing at their Friday Night Race series. Andrew then continued to race through the summers with the World Tuesday Night Criterium Series and racing with the Gastown Racing Team.

It was there, with other cycling clubs in the local Vancouver race scene, that he found community. He found encouragement with his teammates to reach further, to train more effectively, and to participate in more cycling events.

For 2021, Andrew is a Board Co-Chair and Performance Team Leader focused specifically on ensuring the club and its members continue reaching new heights and exploring racing opportunities.

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Board Secretary

Lianne is an environmental scientist and avid traveler who has always liked to stay active. She started cycling in 2017 as a way to maintain fitness outdoors and was immediately hooked.

She started racing in 2017 when she joined the Gastown team.

Lianne has competed in several provincial road and cyclocross races and placed second at the 2018 Canadian Masters Road Championships.

She was a qualifier for the 2020 World UCI Gran Fondo Championships in 2019 and is looking forward to a return of team cycling and racing events in 2021.


As a member of the Board, she is committed to implementing administrative systems to help increase Club sustainability.

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Board Treasurer

An avid road cyclist since his teens, Peter joined Gastown 3 years ago looking for the simple pleasure of joining a good group of folks for a regular ride.  Exploring new routes and new adventures on- and off-pavement is maybe the most fun, in Vancouver, the lower mainland and beyond.  For Peter, cycling is important for keeping fit, being happy and finding freedom from the daily grind.

Passionate about giving back, Peter is as excited about enjoying a great day out on the bike as he is about Gastown’s opportunities to support charitable pursuits, from local to global, cancer research to bikes for poor villagers.

As a 2021 Board member, Peter and his wife Helen have agreed to help the Club improve our financial management practices.


Nathan has been a passionate cyclist since age five, when his grandfather gave him his first bike for Christmas - a cherry red BMX. Since then, he’s mastered riding without training wheels or parental supervision. Nathan enjoys riding in places far from home, discovering new and exciting routes, participating in Gran Fondos, charity rides and local events, or simply climbing mountains until his legs fall off.

A winter-time practicing Zwift rider, Nathan currently can be found training hard in his underground parkade, in order to keep up with his new friends at Gastown Cycling.


Board Co-Chair

Jen's passion for playing in traffic dates back to Los Angeles, c. 2000, where she divorced her car in favor of a more sane and scenic life moving about the basin. Upon her move to New York City in 2003, she joined the streets for people movement there which would, over her 11-year stay, reclaim hundreds of miles of NYC streets for cyclists and pedestrians, inspiring cities across the country and the globe - including her native Los Angeles - to do likewise.  

Jen is a fervent believer in the power of active demonstration, and hopes to live to see cities more swimmable, run-able, and nordic ski-able, as features of everyday life.

For 2021, Jen has agreed to serve as one of the Board's Co-Chairs, focused specifically on ensuring the club and its leadership have the needed resources to reach our goals.


Derek grew up cycling for fun, then commuting, and eventually discovered road cycling for fitness.   He quickly realized it is way more fun to ride and train with a team.  After joining Gastown Cycling, he discovered the awesomeness of cyclocross as well as gravel adventures with the club.

Being part of the club accelerated both his enthusiasm for the sport as well as his fitness and confidence. 


Derek is eager to continue building the club community and sharing the love of cycling.


Shawn is a life long exercise enthusiast and cycling super fan! Shawn grew up playing tons of hockey and jumping ditches on a BMX bike before discovering his true athletic calling as a rower while at The University of British Columbia. Much sporting toil ensued resulting in Shawn spending some time representing Canada rowing internationally. Shawn’s second love athletically during this formative time was mountain bikes which he rode and raced with a careless abandon following his years in a rowing shell.

A cycling tour of France, Spain and Ireland in 2001 turned him on to the purity of road cycling machines and sparked a passion for 700c drop bar bikes that remains to this day. Shawn’s current interests are Master’s B Cyclocross racing, gravel riding and dreaming up new excuses to string together yet another cool road riding route for the club.


Shawn’s focus for the 2021 season will be on enhancing the rider experience through a schedule of great rides of all kinds throughout the year.