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Spring & Summer Rides


Gastown's bread and butter, weekly Sunday rides start in March and typically run until the end of September or October. Throughout the summer season, we start rolling at 8am and tackle anywhere from 75 – 120km. A full ride calendar is available to members, allowing individuals to anticipate a weekly experience that corresponds with their relative speeds and appetite for distance. All routes celebrate the diversity of scenery available in the lower mainland.

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These rides begin once the days lengthen and focus on a skill or interval set.  The ride is 2-3 hours, beginning in the early evening. Typical rides focus on pacing yourself during long climbs, cornering and accelerating effectively, and other essential group riding skills. Routes are closer to home and chosen based on the skill or interval length being targeted.


Meeting Spot

See Ride Calendar


Fall & Winter Training

Track Cycling

You don't have to race in order to enjoy the velodrome! The Burnaby Velodrome Club offers year-round coached workouts for people of all abilities; from the weekend warrior and GranFondo junkie to the seasoned veteran, there's something for everyone at the track.


The workouts focuses on anything from bike handling skills and race tactics to threshold intervals and all-out sprints. And, because you're not held in place, you're always working on core stability and balance. Spring, Summer, Fall, and's always the right season for track cycling.


To get started, please visit the Burnaby Velodrome Club's website.



Typically takes place outdoors in the fall & winter months. Courses consist of many laps featuring gravel, mud, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles, and require quick dismounting plus carrying the bike. The emphasis is on aerobic endurance and bike-handling skills.


If you like to sound of Cyclocross and would like to connect with other avid gravel riders, send email to for more information.

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